Wonder Woman 1984 Poster Review

So we have finally been given our first taste of Wonder Woman 1984. Yes it is true. Director Patty Jenkins took to Twitter yesterday to share the first official poster for the upcoming superhero sequel. Not only this, but Jenkins also divulged that we could expect the movie to released exactly one year from yesterday.

It appears that Warner Bros. may not be as confident in this picture as they once were, with this pushback not only infuriating the fans but also Patty Jenkins herself. You would think that after the success of the first Wonder Woman movie, as well as the subsequent success of Captain Marvel, that the studio would be rushing this movie out. However, it looks like they’re still taking their time, strange considering that the DCEU won’t be releasing another movie until 2020. This year we have only been treated to the poorly misunderstood Shazam, which didn’t really hit the expectations set for it by the Hollywood higher-ups.

But if this movie is anything like the images released, then maybe it will be worth the wait. I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of the first Wonder Woman movie – there were elements I liked but overall I found that the film suffered due to the usual DCEU flaws. But recently it seems that DC has shifted their tonal focus, instead choosing to release films that are both cartoonish and colourful. And this poster is definitely that!

The beautiful technicolored background helps to uplift the neon aesthetic of the 1980’s. Hopefully the decision to set this film during this time period will pay off, even though the world’s recent obsession with the 80’s is now beginning to dwindle. Gal Gadot also looks stunning in her Amazonian pose, with the golden armour highlighting a very different iteration of the Wonder Woman character we all know and love. However, I do question the use of this particular outfit in the film’s marketing. As I doubt many people will be happy to see their favourite female superhero not clad in her iconic blue and red look. But so far this looks promising, although I do find myself having issues with DC’s sudden rainbow fetish. Admittedly the DCEU has not been the ground-breaking franchise it wants to be, but it still should be given credit for its dark tone and realistic quality. However, it seems that the newer releases are moving away from the grit and instead to the fairy dust. This poster is stunning but it also recalls both the posters for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarök, which both utilised the 80’s aesthetic for their appeal. Although the DC movie may be getting better, I feel that it comes from them shamelessly copying the superhero aesthetic established by Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Part of me wishes that the DCEU would just stick to its guns and embrace the darkness that set it apart so much before.

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