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Watchmen (HBO) Trailer Review

Since the end of Game of Thrones, it has been clear that HBO has been searching for the next big thing to replace their global success. Westworld can be seen as the beginning of this, with the show finally returning for its third season next year. And now HBO have unveiled there next attempt to fill in the dragon-shaped hole left behind by Game of Thrones – and it’s called Watchmen.

Based on the characters created by Alan Moore for his iconic graphic novel of the same name, the new HBO adaptation will actually take place after those events. The show will also focus on a brand-new cast of vigilante characters, with Regina Mills taking the role of lead. At first I was sceptical, and the first teaser trailer only made me question why this show was not going to follow the comic’s narrative, but having learned more about the premise I can now understand the creative choices being made. And luckily the newest trailer, which was unveiled at Comic Con, divulges a lot more about the new narrative and characters.

Not only is the trailer beautifully paced and wonderfully back-tracked by David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ but it also gives us tantalising glimpses of Jeremy Irons’ Ozymandias (the villain of the comic) and even a small glimpse at Doctor Manhattan, who seems to still be living it large on our glorious red planet. And although the traces are brief, I simply adore Irons casting in the show, having now seen it, I have no idea why I never considered him for Ozymandias before. Regina Mills also exudes presence and personality in the trailer, with her dark super-hero façade giving the show a more gritty and grounded feel. Even for a show with a giant blue guy who can blow people up.

Hopefully this show will prove to be a fantastic work of television, although I do remain somewhat sceptical. In the past, previous attempts to expand the Watchmen universe  have led to some ‘interesting’ media, like Superman existing the same universe for example. But so far the trailer has been strong, not only delivering Ozymandias and Manhattan, but also brief glimpses at a Detective Silk Spectre, a Rorschach worshipping cult and even the Archie ship. Even if the show proves to be weak, there’s still a lot here that would at least intrigue any fellow Watchmen fan.

Maybe an article about the Watchmen comic is needed soon, maybe even one all about the genius behind it…

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