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Titans Season 2 Trailer Review

Being a huge fan of the animated Teen Titans television show (and I mean the original) I was both shocked and sceptical when I started watching the live-action TV show Titans which was one of the first properties to be produced by DC’s new streaming service. Unlike the cartoon, which was willing to tread some dark territory, the show went full-on extreme in terms of the amount of violence and gore on screen. The characters constantly spouted profanities and there was even some graphic sexual content. The show also seemed to be following a group of characters who were not the ones I grew up with. Raven was not the monotone badass, Starfire was not the wide-eyed alien princess and Robin was not the usual boy wonder. And honestly, I kinda liked it. The show had its issues but it was also a fun and easy watch and I genuinely found some of the characters’ overhauling’s to be interesting and in tone with the rest of the show. And after what was a rather big cliff hanger ending, I am excited to see the second season trailer promising so much more than we got in season one.

The trailer pretty much delivers on the cape crusader action, with almost every one of our heroes shown to be wearing their iconic costumes. I literally shrieked when I saw Donna Troy finally adopt her Wonder Girl outfit, in which she looks amazing. We even get glimpses at a more comics accurate Raven, with the traditional red diamond on her forehead, as well as a more green Beast Boy. But that’s not all. Between the karate chops, leather padding and ominous quotes, we also see our first glimpse of Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne. Although I found myself being slightly thrown off by the fact that Wayne Manor is now being played by Xavier’s School for Gifted Children. I swear they’re the same building! Glen looks great in the role, but I’m still not sure how I feel about his casting as of yet, guess I’ll have to wait for the show to hit Netflix to make my final judgement.

This season already looks stronger than season one and I am happy to see it. The stakes seems to have been raised higher and the showrunners seem to have a better hold on what they are doing. The teases of Aqualad, Superboy and Deathstroke, probably remain some of the most exciting facets of the trailer. However, I do question where Raven’s demonic father is, seeing as he has not yet made an appearance. Maybe we’ll get more on that as the show continues. For now I am happy to wait for the season to drop, so that I can binge it in a shameful manner.

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