Joker (2019) Trailer Review

Last year it was announced that Warner Bros. in association with DC Films would produce a film that would focus solely on the infamous Joker character. This film would remain detached from the continuity of the dreaded DCEU, which has faced nothing but criticism from fans and media. In fact, this film would launch a new franchise of super-hero movies, one made up of solo, low-budget films that would change the face of the industry forever.

Admittedly I was sceptical of the project from the beginning, from Martin Scorsese’s supposed involvement, to the hope of casting Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. It all felt so grandiose, as if Warner. Bros was trying to shift the genre into more Oscar baity territory. The fact that they cast experienced character actor Joaquin Phoenix as the main character also stank of the studio trying to elevate their property to a much higher level, one that has yet to be reached by any of the recent DC stock.

But it seems that I have been corrected, for the recent trailer drop has proven that this film looks better than anything DC has made in the last five years. The trailer is elegant and macabre, in fact it plays more like a horror movie trailer than it does anything else, with lingering shots of clown-clad mobs recalling images from the Purge than any other comic-based media. And although his involvement has been killed in its tracks, it seems that the spirit of Scorsese still flows through the film’s cinematography. Not surprising seeing as director Todd Phillips has admitted to drawing from films such as Taxi and The King of Comedy for inspiration.

In our short history of comic book movies, we have never really gotten a film that has relished in its smallness, unless you count Deadpool, which was small only in budget but huge in aspiration. It appears that this new villain based film adores the little budget it has, the gritty reality it has been drawn from and the unnerving colour palette it has utilised. Drawing from Joker centric comics such as Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, has also helped to give this film it’s mature and dark nature. Dark being a word that I have come to loathe in association with DC films, due to their insistence at making the films with the light switch on off. But in this case, it is a word that works, because this film is dark and I’m sure that the finished project will be only darker.

Could this film usher in a new DC comics franchise that will actually be loved by the critics and fandom? Could it even change the super-hero genre forever? If darker, more realisitic fare proves to be a money maker, we may even see the MCU trying it’s hand at something a bit riskier in future. However, this film could prove to be like a majority of recent DC films, by which I mean, a good trailer for a terrible movie. Who knows? But I’ll definitely be enjoying some Joker schlock when it comes to Halloween this year, and that’s a fact.

Check the trailer out for yourself!

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