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Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer Review

For a while it seemed that Marvel literally dominated everything. Not only were there movies ruling the cinema and global box office, but their tv shows were also taking over every channel and streaming service.

I for one was happy with this, especially when it comes to the Netflix shows. In many ways, the four Marvel shows we got on the site were the beginning of their own little Marvel Universe, with the release of The Defenders, symbolising the television equivalent of The Avengers. But with the kickstart of Disney’s own online streaming service, it appeared that there was no longer any interest in keeping these shows afloat. In the space of only a month, we saw the cancellation of all four shows – with Jessica Jones being the last to bid farewell.

Jessica Jones was the second Marvel property to be brought to life by Netflix. And therefore it is also only the second show to receive a full third season. Now I am not going to assume that the show’s decision to market itself as the ‘last season’ in anyway reflects how the season will go. In a similar case to the X-Men franchise, this show didn’t know that it wouldn’t have a future beyond its third entry and so I will not be surprised if this final season is not the epic battle some of us may want it to be. And from the trailer, I’m going to say it won’t be. Because the trailer for Jessica Jones season 3 is actually kind of dull.

It appears that the show is somewhat returning to its original formula, of Jessica facing off against a toxic example of masculinity. However in this case it is not David Tennant in a purple suit, but a character called Gregory Salinger. So far not much else has been disclosed about the character, other than he wants Jessica dead. But I’m sure we will see more of the character’s motives when the season hits the screen.

The trailer also gives us some delicious shots of Trish, now fully superpowered, taking full control of her Hellcat persona. Although her costume and look is plagued with the usual Netflix grittiness, it is still striking to see her adopt the superhero identity she has always wanted. However, if you were looking for a confrontation between her and Jessica, it seems that sisterly love wins out. Which, honestly, I am grateful for. I personally adore the relationship and bond exhibited between these two characters and I’m glad that they will continue to work together in this new narrative.

But in terms of where else this season can go, it’s all up in the air. Maybe the writers will have had the thought through to actually wrap the show up in a nice little bow. Or maybe this will be another casualty in the history of tv cancellation. But, all I know is that I am going to devour this third season, every last bit.

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