Frozen 2 Trailer Review (2019)

There is no mistaking that Disney’s Frozen is one of the most influential and significant animated movies in the world. Based on Hans Christian Anderson’s infamous work, The Snow Queen, the film won every major award it was nominated for and it broke box office records. Even now you cannot hear the phrase ‘Let it Go’, without immediately imagining a magical princess and her castle of crystalline ice.

The success of the film alone also divided the Disney corporation, changing it forever. Now animated sequels are becoming their primary focus, with Frozen 2 being one of their most anticipated releases for 2019.

And, in all honestly, I was not excited when I heard this project was going ahead. And this blasé attitude stems from two things. One, I thought that the film wasn’t actually going to happen. Literally! I had it in my simple mind that the very notion of the film was nothing more than some mutterings among the Disney higher-ups. I just assumed that, like all rumours, this one would be revealed to be false. Then Disney confirmed the sequel’s production and I had to eat my words. The second reason why I was not excited for this movie was simply that, I didn’t want a sequel. I have always championed Disney as a well of beautifully rich and well-created original content. But now, they only make remakes and sequels, and honestly, I want it to end. The last few Disney contributions have either bored me, or have simply been messy narratives slapped together with some malfunctioning pixie dust. So, no, I was not looking forward to a Frozen sequel.

But then, the teaser dropped. And it actually surprised me. I was overwhelmed at seeing the characters once again on the screen. I was amazed at the scope and beauty of the animation, I literally gasped at the autumnal setting and, to my surprise, I was excited. However, it seems that some of that excitement may have been quenched by the recently released second trailer for the film, which shared quite a lot of similarities to the trailer. In that, both of them tell us nothing!

I’m serious. Both trailers are stunning and epic, in fact they feel like a glimpse at a world where Disney animation were the ones to bring A Song of Ice and Fire to life. They are simply that well put together and creative. But they also dispel very little about the film’s plot. If anything, they only make us want to know more – more about the characters, the world and the growing mythos.

 Already there are theories spreading among hardcore Disney fans, that Frozen 2 will delve into the origins of Elsa’s icy abilities – and that this will also lead to the introduction of other similar elemental powers. Which I am so down for!  The addition of water horses, balls of living flame and a kingdom suspended in a perpetual fall has only helped to further peak my interest.

As of yet we have seen very little of any new characters, but I’m assuming we will see more and more as the trailers continue to be released. Or maybe we won’t, this could be the one film that Disney keeps a mystery until it finally releases. For now, let’s just bask in the beauty and glitter of this recent trailer. And let’s all hope that this sequel turns out better than Ralph Breaks the Internet did.

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