10 Films To Watch When You’re Stuck Indoors

Hello there! So it is not an understatement to say that times right now are rough, in fact they’re downright terrifying. The world seems to be slowly shutting itself down and certain countries have been reduced to empty ghost towns. As a person who lives in the UK, I am pretty much relegated to the confides of my house for the next 3 weeks, and in that time I have spent the passing hours enjoying the various films and TV Shows that I love, or needed to catch up on. Then it came to my attention that some people out there may not have the same luxury and may be wondering what the hell they should do now that they’re trapped inside the house. So I thought I would lend a hand and comprise a list of movies that you can enjoy, instead of simply watching Contagion or Friends for the thousandth time. So here it goes, here are ten movies to enjoy while you’re stuck inside your house: